Why does Slotomania keep disconnecting

Why does Slotomania keep disconnecting?

Why does Slotomania keep disconnecting? Read on to learn how to fix this problem!

So, you have just bought yourself a few thousand coins and SR points on Slotomania. You are about to level up, you make a spin and then, all of a sudden, it freezes. A second later, you are disconnected from the server. Does that sound familiar?

It used to happen occasionally a couple of years ago. But now it is becoming more commonplace. Google ‘why does Slotomania keep disconnecting’ and you will be surprised to find the number of results that come up.

When this happens, a lot of doubts pop up immediately in the minds of the player. The thoughts can range from the normal questions like, why this sudden increase in the number of disconnections?

Is something wrong with the game? Is the server overloaded?

And it can go to the bizarre ones like, ‘Will I lose my coins’?

Will my Slotomania account be banned? Will I lose my SR points?

Not really.

Here’s a small guide to help you understand the possible reasons why does Slotomania keep disconnecting.

Why does Slotomania keep disconnecting possible reasons

There are many reasons why you may get disconnected from a gaming server. These can range from issues with your ISP to issues with your router, your computer, mobile device or even hackers trying to gain access to your account.

Before you start expecting the worse and get paranoid, the best way to find out the exact cause will be to eliminate possible causes so that you can narrow down on the exact one.

Here are a few steps that you can try to understand why Slotomania keeps disconnecting.

IPCONFIG: Hold the Windows key on your keypad and press R. It will open the Run Command box. Now enter ‘CMD’ and press the ENTER key. This will open the command prompt window. Now paste this command in that window.

ipconfig /all

This will show you a load of information including the DHCP lease time which can be one of the probable issues. If you are new to this, then please seek help from a professional who can help you understand the possible causes.

In the information that is shown on screen, make a note of the number that is shown against default gateway and keep it with you.

Ping Test

Open the Run command box in the exact way that we have mentioned above and in the box type ‘CMD’ and press the enter key. This will open up a DOS command prompt window.

In this window, type ‘Ping’ and the number that you just copied from the earlier step.

Copy the results that you get into a notepad and save it.

You can also try the ping test with Google.com to check if you are connected to the internet or whether something is blocking your connection. The first test was a default gateway test to see if your computer was getting connected to the router.

There can be many answers to the question, ‘Why does Slotomania keep getting disconnected.’

The only way to find out is to rule out the problems one by one. If you are a tech noob, just contact your ISP and ask them to check if something is wrong at their end. Secondly, restart the router. This may seem like a simple step. But you won’t believe how many problems have auto-resolved with this. Lastly, restart your PC or your phone. If nothing works, it’s time to seek help.

I hope the above solutions will fix your connection problems for Slotomania. Now I’ll suggest you to read this article to learn how you can get slotomania free coins!