Is Slotomania free to play

Is Slotomania Free To Play?

Is Slotomania free to play? Read on to learn more!

Everybody in this world would love to visit Vegas at least once. The mirage in the desert, the sin-city, the place where America gambles, there is no dearth of fancy names for it. But it is given that not everyone can afford to be there or wants to gamble with their hard earned dollar. Completely understandable. But mobile games like Slotomania, give you the chance to experience the glam and the games of Vegas from the comfort of your mobile phone.

While there are many mobile-casino games, it is a given that you’d want to experience only the best one. That’s what Slotomania is. It is hands down, the most advanced and most authentic Vegas Slots experience that you will get.

But most people who are new to Slotomania are confused whether the game is actually free to play or you need to deposit some funds before you are allowed to bet and spin on the slot machines.

The fact is that Slotomania is free to an extent. But after that, it tries to make you pay money at every chance that it gets.

Is Slotomania Free To Play For All?

As you start playing Slotomania, the game sets you off with a nice little bonus of 500 coins so that you can make your first bet and spin the slot in seconds. That gives you an impression that you are playing a free game. There is no popup that asks you for your credit card either. This has to be free.

And it is free, like I said until, you reach a certain level in the game that you cannot surpass without buying coins. This is where it starts to change from a free game to a paid one.

Everything from newer slot machines to participation in bonus games requires you to take out your card and swipe it to buy coins. Now this is real-world money that you spend. So in effect, Slotomania is not really free.

But if the initial question was, ‘Is Slotomania free to play’? Then yes, it is free to play. But only for a certain extent or limit.

Unlock the ‘real’ Slotomania

Everything said and done, there is a way to unlock all the bonus featurettes and the perks that come with buying coins on Slotomania and you do not even have to pay a dime to get it. Does that trigger your curiosity?

That’s what this website is all about in-case you didn’t notice yet. We give you an amazing technique which you can use to make unlimited coins on Slotomania. This will let you bet insane amounts on multiple pay lines which amplify your chances of striking it big and proceeding at a rate that is not possible otherwise.

There are people who have gone from Level 1 to Level 300 in a span of just days. If you wanted to know if Slotomania is free to play, then this is how you must play it. Grab the Slotomania free coins  at Slotomania Free Coins Link and get the real Slotomania ‘member’ experience.