How Does Slotomania Work

How Does Slotomania Work?

How does Slotomania work? If you are one of those rare ones who has missed the boat and is just hopping on to the Slotomania bandwagon, then you might be confused at how to play the game. Because unlike, when the game was launched, it may seem a tad overwhelming for the newbie now due to all the features that it throws at you.

Thankfully, we have travelled the length and the breadth of Slotomania and are skilled and experienced enough to help you understand, ‘how does Slotomania work’.

Here’s a brief guide.

Slotomania is an online slots game that also has the distinct reputation of being the first social slot game that can be played on Facebook. If you have decided to stay away from Mark Zuckerberg’s baby, then you still have an option to download Slotomania on your Android or iOS phones.

The game is immensely simple and that’s what makes it so interesting. There are hundreds of slot games that you can play. Some are free, others are not. Either ways, the games are extremely interactive and you can enjoy bonus featurettes like free spins, free coins, bonuses, wilds, scatters and multipliers.

While it is largely advertised as the #1 free Slot game on the internet, it is not free by a long shot. After a certain point of time, you will be expected to swipe your cards to buy coins on Slotomania. Otherwise, it will severely restrict your access to the more advanced and interesting features of the game.

How Does Slotomania Work Actually?

As you enter Slotomania, you will be given a bunch of free coins (typically 500) which you can use to spin your first slot game. Each game has a series of pay lines on which you can bet. You will be paid if you get matching symbols on consecutive positions on your pay lines. This can be from left to right or across the reel. The winning will differ according to the symbol that appear on the pay line and as mentioned on the pay table.

If you are a fan of the good old Vegas slot games then you can just bet on pay lines across the reels. However, as you advance in the game and unlock newer machines, you can bet bigger. In fact, that is one of the only ways to proceed or level up fast in Slotomania. If you bet small, then you win small and subsequently, your level up will be slower.

Also, by betting on more lines, you increase your chances of getting a winning combination of symbols.

The bets can also be customized as per your choice. You can choose to increase the bets on some lines and decrease it on some. The number of wins will be multiplied by the bet that you placed per line. So, once again, the more you bet, more the chances of winning big amounts.

How to progress fast on Slotomania

The only way to progress fast on Slotomania is to bet big with loads of coins. The caveat is that you can only get coins by buying them with real money or using our free Slotomania coins glitch which can be found here.