FAQ About SlotomaniaFreeCoinsLink.com

I receive a lot of questions on email about how the Slotomania free coins hack works, even when I have written it down explicitly on the home page and on the about us page. But if you still have doubts about it, then here’s an FAQ of the most common questions that I get asked. If you have anything else to ask, then please get in contact with me. I receive at least hundred every day. So, I will respond to you as soon as it is humanly possible for me to do.

Q: Can I really get free Slotomania coins?

A:Yes you can. That’s what this website is all about. It is an attempt to help people who like to keep things free on the internet. The last thing we need is a coterie of companies who try to squeeze every hard earned dollar out of you even for playing a game.

Q: How many coins can I get?

A:Unlimited to be honest. But not at one go. This hack is a very special technique, which gives you 40000 coins at a time. But you can easily repeat it a few times to earn up to 12, 000, 00 coins or more. Please read it carefully to ensure that your account doesn’t get banned.

Q:Is this method legitimate?

A:It is as far from legitimate as it can get. But hey, it’s not entirely illegal either. It is a glitch in the game which only a few people are aware of as far as I know. So, bad for Playtika that they didn’t notice this. As far as being legitimate is concerned, you are just playing the game that it should be played. You are not hijacking or hacking anything. It’s just a loophole that we noticed and are exploiting.

Q:Can this get my account banned?

A:Not if you follow my instructions. I did get my account banned once when I overdid it. But ever since I realized how far I could go with this and what the limit was, I stopped. And since then, I was able to play the game till the last level without getting my account banned even once. There is a method to the madness. If you are careful, you can easily enjoy the game for as long as you want to without risking your account.

Q:Do I have to pay you anything?

A:No you don’t. That’s the very purpose of this website. It is to get you a supply of free Slotomania coins without swiping your card. Remember what I told about keeping the internet free? The best you can do is share this with your fellow Slotomania players and let them enjoy the game too. At least until Playtika detects this and patches it.

Q:How can I get the free Slotomania Coins?

A:There is a large link on the home page. But if it is not visible enough, then I can share a link with you right here. Just click here to be taken to the page where you can find the method and the tutorial for the same. Enter a few details and you are all set.