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Why does Slotomania keep disconnecting

Why does Slotomania keep disconnecting?

Why does Slotomania keep disconnecting? Read on to learn how to fix this problem!

So, you have just bought yourself a few thousand coins and SR points on Slotomania. You are about to level up, you make a spin and then, all of a sudden, it freezes. A second later, you are disconnected from the server. Does that sound familiar?

It used to happen occasionally a couple of years ago. But now it is becoming more commonplace. Google ‘why does Slotomania keep disconnecting’ and you will be surprised to find the number of results that come up.

When this happens, a lot of doubts pop up immediately in the minds of the player. The thoughts can range from the normal questions like, why this sudden increase in the number of disconnections?

Is something wrong with the game? Is the server overloaded?

And it can go to the bizarre ones like, ‘Will I lose my coins’?

Will my Slotomania account be banned? Will I lose my SR points?

Not really.

Here’s a small guide to help you understand the possible reasons why does Slotomania keep disconnecting.

Why does Slotomania keep disconnecting possible reasons

There are many reasons why you may get disconnected from a gaming server. These can range from issues with your ISP to issues with your router, your computer, mobile device or even hackers trying to gain access to your account.

Before you start expecting the worse and get paranoid, the best way to find out the exact cause will be to eliminate possible causes so that you can narrow down on the exact one.

Here are a few steps that you can try to understand why Slotomania keeps disconnecting.

IPCONFIG: Hold the Windows key on your keypad and press R. It will open the Run Command box. Now enter ‘CMD’ and press the ENTER key. This will open the command prompt window. Now paste this command in that window.

ipconfig /all

This will show you a load of information including the DHCP lease time which can be one of the probable issues. If you are new to this, then please seek help from a professional who can help you understand the possible causes.

In the information that is shown on screen, make a note of the number that is shown against default gateway and keep it with you.

Ping Test

Open the Run command box in the exact way that we have mentioned above and in the box type ‘CMD’ and press the enter key. This will open up a DOS command prompt window.

In this window, type ‘Ping’ and the number that you just copied from the earlier step.

Copy the results that you get into a notepad and save it.

You can also try the ping test with to check if you are connected to the internet or whether something is blocking your connection. The first test was a default gateway test to see if your computer was getting connected to the router.

There can be many answers to the question, ‘Why does Slotomania keep getting disconnected.’

The only way to find out is to rule out the problems one by one. If you are a tech noob, just contact your ISP and ask them to check if something is wrong at their end. Secondly, restart the router. This may seem like a simple step. But you won’t believe how many problems have auto-resolved with this. Lastly, restart your PC or your phone. If nothing works, it’s time to seek help.

I hope the above solutions will fix your connection problems for Slotomania. Now I’ll suggest you to read this article to learn how you can get slotomania free coins!

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Is Slotomania Real Money

Is Slotomania Real Money?

Is Slotomania real money? Read on to get your answer!

I wouldn’t label myself an expert on gambling even though I have spent a fair share of time gambling online. I have tried almost every online casino that has been functional for the past five to six years. And after trying almost every game including Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, Keno and Bingo, I find myself coming back to slots.

That’s the reason I got hooked to Slotomania from day one. It is undoubtedly, the closest that I have come to playing real slots in Las Vegas. The games are so interactive and well-designed that you cannot help but feel that you are playing in a real gaming room in ‘The Mirage’.

To top it off, playing online has its own perks. You can play it on Facebook which makes it one of the first social Slot games. And there are features like free spins, wild scatters, multipliers and more which makes you want to keep going one level up.

If you are new to Slotomania though, then you are bound to have this doubt.

Is Slotomania real money play?

The most commonly asked question

The fact is that this is one of the most commonly asked questions online. And Playtika is partly to blame for this question popping up repeatedly. That’s because they have designed the game so flawlessly that people wonder if it is a real slot game.

Also, the popularity of the game is another reason why people wonder whether, ‘is Slotomania real money?’

Well, if one were to look at it in the literal sense, the fact is that there is real money involved in Slotomania. But not in the way that most people playing the game expect it to be. Since it is a slot game, most people playing Slotomania or finding out about the game, expect it to be like a real casino game where they can win money. Or at least, encash their online winnings for real money.

That’s where they go wrong though.

How is real money involved in Slotomania?

The only way that real money is involved in Slotomania is when you use it to buy coins and unlock advanced features of the game that are otherwise locked. And if you analyze this moneywise, you will pay a lot of it.

That’s because you keep running out of your supply of coins. The more you bet, the more you win, the faster you proceed in the game. That is addictive. Once you get hooked to spending money on coins, you won’t be able to stop yourself. That’s when the real money starts to go out of your pockets.

So, if you have wondered, ‘Is Slotomania real money’? It is. But the real money will only go out of your pockets. Nothing will come in. The only earnings will be how soon you progress in the game and how many machines you can unlock to play newer and more addictive slot games.

If you are smart, you should look for ways to get free Slotomania coins rather than spending real money on a game that gives you nothing in earnings. Go to Slotamania Free Coins now to get your unlimited coins!

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Is Slotomania free to play

Is Slotomania Free To Play?

Is Slotomania free to play? Read on to learn more!

Everybody in this world would love to visit Vegas at least once. The mirage in the desert, the sin-city, the place where America gambles, there is no dearth of fancy names for it. But it is given that not everyone can afford to be there or wants to gamble with their hard earned dollar. Completely understandable. But mobile games like Slotomania, give you the chance to experience the glam and the games of Vegas from the comfort of your mobile phone.

While there are many mobile-casino games, it is a given that you’d want to experience only the best one. That’s what Slotomania is. It is hands down, the most advanced and most authentic Vegas Slots experience that you will get.

But most people who are new to Slotomania are confused whether the game is actually free to play or you need to deposit some funds before you are allowed to bet and spin on the slot machines.

The fact is that Slotomania is free to an extent. But after that, it tries to make you pay money at every chance that it gets.

Is Slotomania Free To Play For All?

As you start playing Slotomania, the game sets you off with a nice little bonus of 500 coins so that you can make your first bet and spin the slot in seconds. That gives you an impression that you are playing a free game. There is no popup that asks you for your credit card either. This has to be free.

And it is free, like I said until, you reach a certain level in the game that you cannot surpass without buying coins. This is where it starts to change from a free game to a paid one.

Everything from newer slot machines to participation in bonus games requires you to take out your card and swipe it to buy coins. Now this is real-world money that you spend. So in effect, Slotomania is not really free.

But if the initial question was, ‘Is Slotomania free to play’? Then yes, it is free to play. But only for a certain extent or limit.

Unlock the ‘real’ Slotomania

Everything said and done, there is a way to unlock all the bonus featurettes and the perks that come with buying coins on Slotomania and you do not even have to pay a dime to get it. Does that trigger your curiosity?

That’s what this website is all about in-case you didn’t notice yet. We give you an amazing technique which you can use to make unlimited coins on Slotomania. This will let you bet insane amounts on multiple pay lines which amplify your chances of striking it big and proceeding at a rate that is not possible otherwise.

There are people who have gone from Level 1 to Level 300 in a span of just days. If you wanted to know if Slotomania is free to play, then this is how you must play it. Grab the Slotomania free coins  at Slotomania Free Coins Link and get the real Slotomania ‘member’ experience.

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How Does Slotomania Work

How Does Slotomania Work?

How does Slotomania work? If you are one of those rare ones who has missed the boat and is just hopping on to the Slotomania bandwagon, then you might be confused at how to play the game. Because unlike, when the game was launched, it may seem a tad overwhelming for the newbie now due to all the features that it throws at you.

Thankfully, we have travelled the length and the breadth of Slotomania and are skilled and experienced enough to help you understand, ‘how does Slotomania work’.

Here’s a brief guide.

Slotomania is an online slots game that also has the distinct reputation of being the first social slot game that can be played on Facebook. If you have decided to stay away from Mark Zuckerberg’s baby, then you still have an option to download Slotomania on your Android or iOS phones.

The game is immensely simple and that’s what makes it so interesting. There are hundreds of slot games that you can play. Some are free, others are not. Either ways, the games are extremely interactive and you can enjoy bonus featurettes like free spins, free coins, bonuses, wilds, scatters and multipliers.

While it is largely advertised as the #1 free Slot game on the internet, it is not free by a long shot. After a certain point of time, you will be expected to swipe your cards to buy coins on Slotomania. Otherwise, it will severely restrict your access to the more advanced and interesting features of the game.

How Does Slotomania Work Actually?

As you enter Slotomania, you will be given a bunch of free coins (typically 500) which you can use to spin your first slot game. Each game has a series of pay lines on which you can bet. You will be paid if you get matching symbols on consecutive positions on your pay lines. This can be from left to right or across the reel. The winning will differ according to the symbol that appear on the pay line and as mentioned on the pay table.

If you are a fan of the good old Vegas slot games then you can just bet on pay lines across the reels. However, as you advance in the game and unlock newer machines, you can bet bigger. In fact, that is one of the only ways to proceed or level up fast in Slotomania. If you bet small, then you win small and subsequently, your level up will be slower.

Also, by betting on more lines, you increase your chances of getting a winning combination of symbols.

The bets can also be customized as per your choice. You can choose to increase the bets on some lines and decrease it on some. The number of wins will be multiplied by the bet that you placed per line. So, once again, the more you bet, more the chances of winning big amounts.

How to progress fast on Slotomania

The only way to progress fast on Slotomania is to bet big with loads of coins. The caveat is that you can only get coins by buying them with real money or using our free Slotomania coins glitch which can be found here.

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does slotomania hack work

Does Slotomania Hack Work?

Does Slotomania hack work? Yes it does! Read on to learn more!

There was this 16 year old student in my gym who was as addicted to Slotomania as I was. But he was not half as smart though. Despite being on a frugal income, I could see him swiping his father’s credit card every other day to buy his coins on Slotomania.

I am not really the do-gooder type. But seeing this kid spend a bomb on a game which I was enjoying without paying even a dime didn’t feel right. So, one day I walk up to him and tell him my story. The first thing that the guy asks me is, ‘Does Slotomania hack work’?

I get asked the same question everyday on email by hundreds of website users. My answer is the same one that I told that 16 year old kid. You bet it does.

Does Slotomania Hack Work Everytime?

Having repeatedly used this technique to gain an almost endless supply of coins, I am shocked by people’s reactions when they know that Slotomania has a glitch. I repeatedly call it a glitch because it is not a hack. A hack is when someone gains unauthorized access or tries to manipulate the normal behavior of the game. We are doing neither. So, the question, ‘does Slotomania hack work’ should ideally be rephrased as ‘does Slotomania glitch work’. Either ways, here’s my say on it.

Yes, the Slotomania hack works

This Slotomania glitch is THE method that I used to reach up to level 400 on Slotomania, for crying out loud. I have never paid a dime and I have enjoyed with millions of Slotomania coins which enabled me to unlock all of the hidden features that makes the game so popular.

So for anyone who’s skeptical about it? Why don’t you logoff my website right away because I am sick of explaining it to people that this is a simple technique that works. I am not sure how long it is going to last. But for now, it does.

And the best part is that you do not have to download any software or share your Facebook passwords or give me your IMEI numbers (oh yes, some people ask for that too) in order for this to work. All that I am going to do is share a technique with you that will give you a finite, please pay attention now, a finite number of coins.

Anyone who claims that they can add an unlimited number of coins to your Slotomania account is bluffing.

That’s not possible because it is a game written in code. When you use my method as many times as you need, it is as good as getting unlimited coins. The trick is to use it correctly without drawing a red flag on the system.

How can I use this Slotomania hack?

That’s what makes this a no-brainer. The technique is ridiculously simple. All that you have to do is play the game like you normally do and place a bet. Only this time, I share a secret recipe that gives you 40000 coins at one go. You just rinse and repeat it until you have enough coins. How does that sound? So, if you are still skeptical about does Slotomania hack work? Go ahead and try this and then send me an email thanking me, like everybody else is doing.