About This Website

My stint with online gambling began sometime in the pre-google days when online casinos were sprouting faster than mushrooms in rain. My favorite was Intercasino. Always had a great selection of games and paid on time. The real Vegas experience or close to it, to be honest.

Unlike a lot of friends who spend most of their times with Blackjack, I was always in awe of Slots. I could spend 22 hours on a slot game, sleep for 2 and then wake up and play for the next 22. It was crazy. Thankfully, I spend less time on slots these days and the online casino addiction has also reduced significantly.

That’s precisely why I got hooked to Slotomania. Slotomania is the most amazingly designed slot game that I have ever played. If you are reading this, then chances are that you feel the same. It was after a span of almost 8 years that I got so hooked to an online slot game that it reminded me of my casino days.

But after binge-playing it for just days, I noticed that there was very little that could be done unless you have an endless supply of coins. At first, my reaction was like everyone else. There has to be a legitimate way to get Slotomania free coins without swiping out your card. I mean, this isn’t real gambling. But they ask you to pay real money. How shrewd is that.

So, I joined the VIP club and then the lotto bonus, the total rewards network, you name it. The way these guys mask their load of bull is amazing. What’s worse is that people actually fall for that shit. You have people joining these clubs and even begging for coins. The fact is that if you are trying to get free Slotomania coins, you will only get so far. There is no ‘legitimate’ way of getting Slotomania coins except for paying them.

How I help you in Slotomania?

That’s where I step in with my nifty little trick. Before people picture me with a halo around my face for sharing this with you, let me tell you that I no longer play Slotomania. I have unlocked free Slotomania coins numerous times and have enjoyed all the slot machines and levels with their hidden features. There’s nothing left for me to try, which is why I have decided to share this.

This website is probably the best kept secret in the world of Slotomania. If only I could share the number of emails that I receive each day thanking me for helping people unlock Slotomania with an endless supply of free coins.

But it does not mean that this bounty is going to last forever. Having found similar glitches in many MMO games before, I know for a fact that it will be patched sooner or later. The only advice that I can give you guys is to enjoy it while it lasts.

Get your free Slotomania coins now and ensure that you read the method carefully. Do not overdo it and risk your account getting banned.