Slotomania Free Coins Link

Slotomania Free Coins Link

Welcome to Slotomania Free Coins Link website. If you're in this website now, it means that you've been searching for free slotomania coins, slotomania hacks or ways on how to get free slotomania coins. Congratulations as you've come to the right place. We will share with you secrets on how you can get free coins for slotomania with slotomania hack. So read on to get free coins slotomania!

​Slotomania Free Coins Link Information

Oh, the lure of Vegas. The neon lights, the flamboyance, the glamour, the women, the mirage in the desert and of course, the slot games. If only we could all go to Vegas and gamble to our hearts content. Watch the roulette wheel spin and the ball pop and bounce away as it slows down. The excitement building up to a nail biting finale as the ball settles down on the number that you bet on. Jackpot!

There is something about Las Vegas that makes it ethereal. Almost like an enigma. You want to be a part of it even though you don’t fully understand what happens there.

One of the most popular part of Vegas’s culture that has been readily borrowed around the world, is slot games. Slot games have been around for more than 100 years but the excitement as a player watches the coins go in and the slots start blinking remains unchanged.

There is still a fervent demand for slot games in every part of the world. And it has quickly made its presence felt on the internet too. There is no dearth of online casinos where you can gamble and play slot games. But hey, most people do not want to gamble. All they need is the excitement, the color, the lights and the fun that slot games bring to the table in a completely safe but interesting virtual world.

If that sounds like you, then you must log on to Slotomania.

​Slotomania Slots Fever

It is an online slots game that is taking the world by storm. It is today, among the most popular online games on the internet with millions of players playing it every day. And it is addictive as hell. There are three ways of playing Slotomania. You can play it on Facebook or you can download the apps on Android and iOS.

Every four hours that you login to the game, it awards you a set of Slotomania free coins 2016 which you can use to play slot games. The games are progressive and the minimum amount of coins that you need to play the games keep increasing. Eventually, you will find yourself out of coins.

Free Slotomania Coins

Free Slotomania Coins

There are a couple of ways of winning the coins, the legal way. That is, the way the makers of the game want you to win it. It is by getting free spins and bonuses from your friends, which by the way will be very limited. The second way is to shell out your hard earned cash. Now, we are talking real money.

You will reach a level of the game where the slots are so interesting that you want to keep going. The caveat, is that you are out of coins. The game asks you to swipe your card and buy more coins and keep playing.

As cheap as it may sound, I would never want to pay money to get coins on the game, as much as I love the game and as addicted as I am to it. That set me off on the course of discovering alternative and viable ways to find ways to get unlimited plays. I was on level 32 when I got bankrupt. And I decided that I would never get stuck for lack of the game credits again.

​Free Coins Slotomania

If you are a newbie to this slots game, then all this may sound like gobbledygook to you. So, let me quickly walk you through the game and the slot machines that make it so irresistible. My apologies to my seasoned in-game brethren who are keener to know how to get free coins. I will come to that topic further ahead in the article. And trust me, it will be completely worth it.

What Is Slotomania Slot Machines Game All About?​

One of the reasons why this particular slot game is so popular is because of the insanely cool machines that you can play on. And there are hundreds of them with newer ones being added every now and then. Most of the slot machines are free to play on. Some however, require that you buy them to play on them. (Which is not very cool). But buying them unlocks a variety of games which are otherwise unavailable for you to play on. That’s why you need an abundant supply of credits to play.

Free Coins For Slotomania​

free coins slotomania

A lot of people do not know how to unlock newer machines on this famous free slots game. Chances are that you are one of them who’s too bored with the machines available to you right now. The only way to unlock newer machines is to start betting big. The more you bet, the faster you progress to newer levels and the more your chances of unlocking the newer machines.

But hey, you also run out of slot credits sooner than you’d expect. A small portion of these coins go into a virtual piggy bank that can be seen on your screen. That’s one of the ways to get free gems by the way. Not nearly as much as what I am going to offer you. But it’s completely legal and within the game.

Unlocking Newer Machines On This Slot Game​

So how do you get access to these coins in your piggy bank? Why, by paying them of course. As you play and progress through the game, you will realize one thing very fast. The game creator will give you every opportunity to you to pay them your hard earned money. You have two choices. To pay them in order to unlock the hidden features of the game or to get the ‘edge’ which will give you an unabridged access to the advanced levels and to an unlimited supply of in-game credits.

The slot machines you choose also change the gameplay in a very slight, but noticeable manner. The number and the positions of the lines on the game changes. The best part is that once a machine is unlocked, you can keep playing it as many times as you’d like to. The difficult thing is having enough coins to unlock them.

Most people take a preference to one particular machine and then keep playing it repeatedly. All machines have bonus games also associated to them. However, you may like a particular machine and not its bonus game, but hate another machine and love its bonus game. It’s mostly a matter of personal preferences other than anything else.

What are the various ways in which I can play Slotomania Slots Free Game?​

If you do not have a Facebook account, then it’s not the end of the world. You can still enjoy the game on your smartphone just about anywhere and anytime. The game is available on both Android as well as iOS. So, you have lots of ways to get free coins Slotomania android.

On the google Play store: Once you log on to the Google play store and search for it, you will be bombarded with tons of slot and casino games that have sprung up in the wake of the popularity of this game. But the original slot game will be right on top. It is developed by Playtika, who also are credited with some equally popular other games. The game is called ‘Slotomania Casino Slots’ and you can see that it has been installed more than 500,00,000 times around the world. This alone shows the popularity of the game among the masses. This also gives you an opportunity to read some of the user reviews for Slotomania. If you see closely, almost 90% of the reviews are positive. Downloading it is completely free and you can register yourself on the game or you can connect your Facebook account with it and use that to play the game and get some free Slotomania coins for android.

On the Apple Store: The new iPhone 7 is here with its swanky 1,334-by-750-pixel resolution and 1,400:1 contrast ratio. Guess what? This is also a great way to explore the colorful and bright world of Slot machines on this famous free slot game. On the Apple Store, the name of the game is slightly different and it is called ‘Slotomania Free Slots Casino’. The best way to identify the game is to check the developer. It should be Playtika and you can be assured that you are not downloading any fake imposter game. You can also see the latest game version, read reviews and see screenshots of the game on how it looks on iPad and the iPhone.

Facebook: Last but not the least, we have the most popular way to enjoy this game, is with Facebook. The largest social network in the world just cannot have enough of this jackpot. And it is one of the best ways to play the game. Because if you have friends, you can keep pestering them asking for free Slotomania coins for Facebook. I don’t recommend it that much because we all know how much we hated the guy who kept sending us game requests for candy crush. But hey, it is a great way to get started.

Those are the three ways to enjoy the 140+ slot machines in this free online casino. Now, let me come down to the most important part, getting free coins on Slotomania and revealing to you the methods.

How to Get Free Slotomania Coins​

how to get free slotomania coins

Before we begin reading this, let me explain that there are legit and illegitimate ways of getting free credits. The legitimate ones will get you limited number of free in-game credits. But your account will be safe and you can continue to play the game normally without losing any of your progress.

The illegitimate way, however, can get you an unlimited supply of free Slotomania coins because it is a small glitch in the game which has not yet been patched. If you are wondering how to get free Slotomania coins, then read on this Slotomania free coins link 2016.

I tried the legitimate ways first. I went and joined the VIP Club as advertised and found that it is nothing but a load of bull. I then tried to go the bonus way and hoped that I would get the Lotto bonus and then finally, the total rewards network. What did I earn out of it? Zilch! It’s all another way for the game to make more money out of you.

Then, as luck would have had it, I found the Slotomania free coins link 2016, a glitch in the game. Something like a glitch in the Matrix.

So how did I discover this glitch? Lol. While playing the game of course. I noticed that when I bet a certain amount on a payline in a particular sequence, it sent the game into a tizzy. For a second the game froze and then it just wouldn’t move. I had to restart my smartphone and then when I logged in again, my bonus credit balance had increased by 40000.

Whoop! I was elated. But I thought that maybe it was a glitch that happened. So I quickly decided to bet big and unlock all the machines that were lying on the other side of the horizon tempting me. Boy of boy, did I have some fun. But as they say, the casino never loses. Within no time, I was back to square one. Out of free coins to continue playing and desperate.

Here I am thinking about what needs to be done next and suddenly it stuck me. What if I try the free Slotomania coins links again? Will I get the credits to continue playing? So, I opened a slot machine game randomly and bet the exact same amount on a payline in that same sequence. Guess what?

It didn’t work.

‘Ah, so it was a glitch after all’, I thought. But deep down inside my mind something says, ‘Let’s try again’

So I bet again. And it didn’t work again. I tried numerous times with the free Slotomania coins links and even altered my paylines many times to see if it worked. But it didn’t. I didn’t get anything.

I was dejected. Then as a one last resort, I decided to go back to the same machine where I had struck paydirt and repeat the same bet.

Bingo! Magically, the game froze and upon restarting 40,000 more free Slotomania coins. So I did the same bet again. Same result. Within the next 10 minutes, I had accumulated a massive 40,000,00 free Slotomania coins 2016. I personally think that’s too slow. But when the game freezes, it just does not respond at all and you have to spend a bit of time trying to restart it. There is a lag also which delays the start time. Something like the game adjusting to the new reset and the increased free Slotomania coins 2016.

Let me also tell you that this method of how to get free Slotomania coins is most likely to be patched very soon. And it does come with some big risks. If you are extremely careful and don’t overdo it, the rewards can be great. You will most likely never have to pay a dime again to get free coins on Slotomania. But, like I said, there are some risks involved which I should inform you about.

This here, is the Slotomania free coins link.

Slotomania Hacks​

slotomania hacks

It would be fair to say that the above mentioned technique can quickly be termed as a Slotomania hack rather than a glitch because once I reveal it to you, you will be tempted to keep trying it more and more. Oh the ‘Bar-B Boom’ awaits at Level 160, doesn’t it? So why don’t you keep repeating the Slotomania hack that I mentioned and earn unlimited free Slotomania slot machines free coins? Because it can get your account banned permanently. You will never be able to login to Slotomania again if you over do the Slotomania hack and use the Slotomania free coins link.

I lost my account at Level 164 when I unlocked the Hippie Hippo machine. I went overboard with the hack and tried it almost 30 times. I guess the system just detected that something was amiss. Did I feel dejected or what.

How to Hack Slotomania Coins

So, my recommendation is to not do it more than 5 to 6 times. Enjoy with the Slotomania free coins android, unlock new levels and machines and then when you run out of it, do it a few more times. If you attempt to run this Slotomania hack repeatedly, you will most probably get your account banned.

I made a second account and have painstakingly (not so much though, lol) reached level 184 and unlocked the Made of Luck machine now. I still have a few more to go.

Why did I decide to share this hack all of a sudden? Because I am just too bored with the game. I have enjoyed the unlimited Slotomania free coins android and almost tried all the machines. So, I thought why not let others enjoy this Slotomania hack before it is patched forever.

Review Of The Slot Machines​

Considering that this is the first time you are playing Slotomania or are advancing into newer levels, let me also share with you my pick of the best Slotomania slot machines.

  • Throne of Riches – Level 57 – This is one of my favorite games where you can bet 40 paylines and the bonus is a canon that can be scattered anywhere. 3 or more on the active payline activates the King’s conquest bonus round.
  • Around the world in 80 days – Level 100 – Based on Jules Verne’s famous novel, this is one of the most beautifully designed games in Slotomania. There are hot air balloons, Slotomania free coins and spins and vintage trains, maps to guide you, charts, it’s so colorful. Bonus symbol is a hot air balloon.
  • Bar B Boom – Level 160 – Once again a really bright and colorful game with tons of bonuses, Slotomania free coins and spins and fireworks on display. Bar B Boom lets you bet up to 50 lines at a time. Get the Wild Symbols to really skyrocket your Slotomania slot machines free coins.

That’s it folks. I hope you enjoyed reading about slotomania free coins link and slotomania hacks! Have fun with all the extra coins.